#knowfentanyl Campaign

A potent community outreach campaign for a small “Main Street” pharmacy. #knowfentanyl

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Grubbs NW Specialty Pharmacy is a small “Main Street” type pharmacy that caters to special needs one of which is the addiction community. Their work is monumental to the patients it serves.

Project Description

The #knowfentanyl campaign is a community outreach program held by Grubbs NW Pharmacy to educate using heroin addicts on the danger of Fentanyl. The program offers free test strips to be used before administering the drug. Users also receive educational materials that reinforce the color magenta, the same color the test strips will show if positive. The goal is to make them stop and think before using and potentially becoming another statistic. The program also offers the pathway to getting cured of HEPc for free. We developed graphics to be simple and strong. Those materials include 4×6 educational palm card, Small circle stickers, and a bumper sticker.