Equality Chamber of Commerce

A branding solution for the Capital Area Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s new concept; The Equality Chamber of Commerce

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The Capital Area Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CAGLCC, or just “the Chamber”) is the non-profit, not-partisan network of several hundred queer and allied (Q&A) businesses and business leaders in the DC metropolitan area. Through its extended network of community partners and event participants in the capital area LGBT community, it regularly reaches approximately 5,000 individuals through is messaging, networking events, and workshops.

Project Description

The CAGLCC renamed the Chamber to the Equality Chamber of Commerce and needed a new look. We were tasked with branding them with a current logo system to support this change. The goal was to simplify not only the name but the visual as well. The solution is distilled and accurate of the chamber’s mission.

Ryan was instrumental in our rebrand to the Equality Chamber of Commerce DC Metro Area (ECCDC), to reflect our commitment to promoting the DC area’s LGBTQ business community. He presented a number of quality options, and helped us ultimately land on a design that sees a broadly positive reception from our members and the wider LGBTQ community. As the Chamber’s president, I appreciate that he gave us a logo and set of design standards that we are proud of, and I show off the work as much as I can. I highly recommend Ryan for his innovative ideas and ability to create a design that reflects the core goals of the client. Van Goodwin

President, Equality Chamber of Commerce

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W Street Design
1436 W St NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA